Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Image offers DiceLock free software to the people.

Please make a donation if you find our software useful and want to support the continued development of DiceLock. Your donations help us by financially supporting developer conferences, presentation materials and website presence, as well as any other expenses that might come up as we develop and promote the product.

Donations using PayPal 

You can donate through PayPal services, it's a secure an easy method , visit PayPal website if you have any question about the service.

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We welcome donations from anywhere in the world and in any currency. PayPal accepts a number of international currencies.

Click the following button to donate using PayPal:

If PayPal donation page does not show in your prefered language, you can select it at the top.

Donations by Other Methods

If you wish to donate to via direct bank deposit or mail a cheque or money order, please use the contact us form.

 Thanks a lot for your interest  !!! ('s people).


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