'NIST-librandomtests.so' uploaded to DiceLock.org web site. 'NIST-librandomtests.so' can be downloaded as object code or source code. With it you can check that 'librandomtests.so' executes correctly in your system. If it doesn't execute correctly you will be able to modify and compile it to correct the errors, as well as 'librandomtests.so'.

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Open and Free Software
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Links to free open software used in DiceLock.org to perform FREE DiceLock project.

  Web Link
  Link   openSUSE
openSUSE web site, Linux Operating System distribution used.
  Link   Eclipse
Open development platform comprised of extensible frameworks, tools and runtimes for building, deploying and managing software
  Link   CDT
Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling - CDT
  Link   Joomla
Content Management System used to develope DiceLock.org web site.
  Link   MediaWiki
MediaWiki, the Content Management System that supports DiceLock Wiki.
  Link   MySQL
The database used by DiceLock.org, DiceLock Wiki and DiceLock project

Sahred library 'librandomtests.so' uploaded to DiceLock.org web site. 'librandomtests.so' can be downloaded as object code or source code. You will be able to accommodate its C API to your needs.