'NIST-librandomtests.so' uploaded to DiceLock.org web site. 'NIST-librandomtests.so' can be downloaded as object code or source code. With it you can check that 'librandomtests.so' executes correctly in your system. If it doesn't execute correctly you will be able to modify and compile it to correct the errors, as well as 'librandomtests.so'.

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dicelock_white.gif FAQs about librandomtests.so, random tests not included, why has it been created, why it is downloadable, etc...
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Wednesday, 10 October 2007 Why Execution Time is Calculated
Wednesday, 10 October 2007 Purpose of librandomtests.so
Wednesday, 10 October 2007 Some Random Tests Missing
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    FAQs about NIST-librandomtests, why has it been extracted, why it is downloadable, some design questions, etc... 



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